Byrnewithme will be back soon

Byrnewithme has been through a lot in the last two months! A website disaster meant the site was down and almost lost forever, but thankfully I have been able to restore it… Just about. In the process of getting things up and running, I have lost 10 blog posts. 

These are posts that I put a lot of work into, on topics that I am passionate about. I am doing everything I can to get them back and restore the site fully to what it was before I lost everything.  But for now, I am at least grateful to have the site back.

Just because my site has been down doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy, and you can see everything I’ve been up to over on my Instagram page. I’ve had lots of ideas in the last two months and I have been writing, waiting for the day I can start publishing again. 

The site will be back really soon, hopefully with all of the 10 posts I’ve lost, plus new content all around helping you live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Can’t wait to get things rolling again!

Talk soon,


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