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    For the girls #IWD2017

    For International Women’s Day, I want to write something not for the women, but for the girls. The experiences we have as girls, during the time when we come to develop an understanding about the world and our place in it, can shape who we become as women. We never stop learning and we never stop growing. We are constantly on a journey to discover who we are. But sometimes, that journey involves un-learning the assumptions we formed when we were too young to question it. Read more

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    Getting ready for International Women’s Day 2017

    Every year when International Women’s Day rolls around, I always say I want to write something to mark it, and I never do. Sometimes I just don’t make the time in the days coming up to it, other times I hit a creative block, and others I don’t even realise the day was happening until it’s already arrived. This year, I’m a lot more organised, a lot more energised, and I’m excited to get myself involved in any way I can! Read more