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    4 simple ways to reduce and reuse

    4 simple ways to reduce and reuse byrnewithme

    It can be easy to build up waste over time between coffee cups, plastic bags, food containers, water bottles and all the other things we go through on a daily basis. This stuff is everywhere, it’s usually more convenient, and finding a reusable option isn’t always on the top of our minds. It is easier to recycle now, but there’s always more we can do. These are some simple ways to reuse that don’t require too much effort and will make you feel good!

    My focus has always been on finding ways to replace disposable things with reusable things. Once you start paying attention, you start to realise how much waste you go through day to day. All it takes is a few simple steps to start making a difference, so here are four simple ways that I reuse!

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    Pumpkin picking at Alright Pumpkin, Co. Meath!

    I really love Halloween time. Everything is orange and black, there are silly decorations everywhere, and of course, it’s the time of year when you get to buy a pumpkin, rip out its insides, make a face and stick a candle in it.

    Pumpkin carving is something I only really started doing a few years ago when I was in Montréal, and I’ve done it every year since then. Usually, I buy whatever pumpkin is left in the shop close to Halloween, but this year I learned about a pumpkin patch in Co. Meath where you can pick your own. I had no idea there was a pumpkin patch in Ireland, so once I knew it was out there, I had to go and see it. Read more


    What We Do Now: Standing up for your Values in Trump’s America Book Review

    Shortly after the inauguration of Donald Trump, I stepped into one of my favourite bookstores in Dublin, Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street, to take refuge from the January cold. I started browsing through the tables of books on display and found one with a collection of books around the theme of the new American presidency, including It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, copies of Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, and this book that particularly caught my eye – What We Do Now – Standing up for your values in Trump’s America, edited by Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians. Read more

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    How to plan for travelling alone

    I have written on a few different occasions about travelling solo, so hopefully I now have you fully convinced that it’s something you should do! Now that you’ve decided to go for it, I thought I should share some more practical advice on travelling by yourself for when you start asking questions about where to stay, what to do, and what to bring. If you’re planning a solo trip and have some of these questions, read on! This my advice based on my own experience of travelling alone. Read more

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    Why you should travel on your own

    I always say that I think everyone should travel alone at least once in their life. Travelling by yourself can be a scary prospect and I understand that. For many people, the idea of doing anything alone is kind of terrifying, even if it’s going to the cinema alone, getting dinner alone, or any other activity that usually you’d do with someone else. So if you’re someone who doesn’t think they could even see a movie by themselves, then the idea of travelling by yourself might seem impossible. But if the opportunity ever comes around, I think you should do it. Read more

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    For the girls #IWD2017

    For International Women’s Day, I want to write something not for the women, but for the girls. The experiences we have as girls, during the time when we come to develop an understanding about the world and our place in it, can shape who we become as women. We never stop learning and we never stop growing. We are constantly on a journey to discover who we are. But sometimes, that journey involves un-learning the assumptions we formed when we were too young to question it. Read more