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    The book lover’s guide to Seattle

    Bookstores in Seattle Byrnewithme

    Here’s what I didn’t realise before visiting this city – there are a lot of bookstores in Seattle. It’s not even an influx of big chain bookstores – although you’ll definitely find these if you go looking – it’s small, local, independently run bookshops, selling old books, new books, and everything in between.

    We didn’t set out to tour the bookshops around the city, but after our second day we realised just how much there was to see. So we changed course and made sure to find the best stores to visit before we had to leave.

    Keep reading for your guide to bookstores in different areas around Seattle! Read more

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    Pumpkin picking at Alright Pumpkin, Co. Meath!

    I really love Halloween time. Everything is orange and black, there are silly decorations everywhere, and of course, it’s the time of year when you get to buy a pumpkin, rip out its insides, make a face and stick a candle in it.

    Pumpkin carving is something I only really started doing a few years ago when I was in Montréal, and I’ve done it every year since then. Usually, I buy whatever pumpkin is left in the shop close to Halloween, but this year I learned about a pumpkin patch in Co. Meath where you can pick your own. I had no idea there was a pumpkin patch in Ireland, so once I knew it was out there, I had to go and see it. Read more

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    VIDEO: Dark Hedges & Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

    Earlier this year we took a road trip up to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, with a plan to stop off at the Dark Hedges and cross the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge (this last one we didn’t get to do. Word of warning, the last entry for the bridge is at 5:15pm!). We did it all in the one day, driving up from Dublin in the morning, spending the full day taking in as much of the sights as we could, and driving back to Dublin that evening. I really enjoyed every minute of this trip, and I think it’s worth your while to do it. There’s plenty of options for getting there between driving and taking a tour bus, just make sure you give yourself enough time to fit it all in.

    If videos are your thing, scroll on down to the bottom of this post and watch to see the incredible views you can catch if you do this trip. Read more

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    Dublin to Dingle and back in 24 hours

    Looking to go on a road trip in Ireland? Driving from Dublin to Dingle will take you across the country through breathtaking views and some charming Irish towns. Part of your challenge is not to get too distracted along the way! Read on to learn about our road trip across Ireland to meet the most famous resident of the Dingle Peninsula: Fungi the Dingle Dolphin. This guide will tell you the route we took, where we stayed, what we did and what more there is to do in this gorgeous part of the country.  Read more

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    6 things to do in a day in Monaco

    Monaco is a very small country but it’s certainly not short of things to do. Monaco is the world’s second smallest country, but it’s well known around the world for Grand Prix and for the late Princess Grace of Monaco. Outside of these things, there’s so much that makes Monaco a worthwhile place to visit. I had the chance to see Monaco while on a quick trip to Nice, France and I decided to give a full day of my short time there to visiting Monaco. Read more

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    A day in Old Town, Nice

    My recent trip to France was a very last minute plan. The opportunity came up 3 days beforehand and I decided to go for it. When you cut out travelling time, I really only had two days to explore, so one day went to Nice, the other on a day trip to Monaco.

    With the short time frame in mind, I centred my exploring in Nice around the old town, or Vieux Nice. This is where most of the things I wanted to see and do were, and it’s compact enough that it could all be covered in a day. This really is a great city to visit, with friendly locals, stunning views, and plenty to see and do.

    Read on to discover all the things there are to do in Old Town, Nice! Read more