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    Review: Alice’s Tea Cup, New York City

    Everything about New York is an experience, and where you go to eat should be an experience too. If this is what you’re looking for, then Alice’s Tea Cup is a great place to visit when in NYC, especially if you love Lewis Carroll’s magical story, be that in book form or one of the many film adaptation forms. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, so when my boyfriend came to visit me while I was living in New York for the summer, he planned the perfect Alice in Wonderland-themed afternoon for me. Read more

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    Philadelphia in 3 days

    A few years ago I was reading Hot Press Magazine, and in their travel section they had written this feature on Philadelphia (the online archive version doesn’t have all the pictures that made it so compelling). I read it, looked at the pictures and thought I’d like to go there, and since then it was always on my list when thinking about where I’d like to go in America. When I settled on doing the J1 in New York, part of the reason was it was a good location for travelling to other cities – I was able to get busses to Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, and the time I spent travelling to all these different places was my favourite of the summer. Read more

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    My favourite places in New York

    This past summer I was living and working in New York, an adventure I decided to embark on by myself. Over the three months I was there, I grew an attachment to certain spots, like cafés, stores or nice areas, and these became places I knew I could go to if it was all getting a little too much and I was missing home. Having these places gave me a reason to feel happy I was in New York and reminded me I had the opportunity to see and do things I wouldn’t get to do at home. Read more