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Container Coffee is the newest addition to Thomas St, right in the heart of the Guinness Brewery and just steps away from the Guinness Storehouse. When I first saw this blue container pop up on Thomas Street along my bus route, I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to be or who it was for, but I did know I wanted to visit. It’s a strange but clever concept and after much anticipation in the few weeks before I had the chance to visit, it did not disappoint.

Container Coffee is what it says on the tin Рa coffee shop inside a container. This is a very limited amount of space to work with, but these guys have managed to do it right by stripping it down to the bare essentials, and even then they have managed to fit a lot in. Inside the container, there is the counter with the coffee machine, lots of lovely treats and pastries (including gluten free options), and a fridge for sandwiches and other cakes. There are also two small tables and some chairs for people to sit inside.

Despite its size, it doesn’t feel cramped. Light streams in through double doors that open out into a large courtyard area, with picnic tables to sit at and enjoy your coffee. This is a wide open space and it has a lot of potential. It means that even if you’re in a larger group, on a nice day you could still visit and have somewhere to sit – perfect for groups of tourists visiting Guinness. This space has a lot of potential, and they could probably manage to fit in more tables if they wanted to.

Container Coffee dublin cups

The coffee was really nice, and on a warm summer day this was a really lovely place to sit and relax. With a good variety of food options from small treats up to sandwiches, it provides everything you need. This is a perfect place to stop for a caffeine boost if you’re visiting the Storehouse, and it’s close enough to the city centre that it’s worth the walk if you happen to be in town. They also offer 10% off if you bring your own cup, which is a huge plus for me and my KeepCup (which I forgot to bring with me on this particular day, and felt very guilty about).

Beyond the fact that a coffee shop inside a container is quirky enough in itself, this space has a lot of personality and it’s clear a lot of love and work was put into it. The artwork on the wall and the ‘style of ye’ stickers on the lids add an authentic Dublin feel that you won’t find in other specialty coffee shops in the city, and they definitely brought a smile to my face.

Container coffee dublin sign

Container Coffee is a welcome addition to the Thomas Street area, where there are very few places to get a good quality cup of coffee. The location is also ideal for the tourists visiting the nearby storehouse.

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  • On June 13, 2017


  1. Quinn

    Oh my God those flapjacks look incredible. I’m salivating now! Will have to take myself up there even if it’s just for one of those!!!

    1. byrnewithme Post author

      All of the treats they had looked amazing, I’ll have to try some the next time I visit!


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