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Fonté café bar is located on Parliament Street in Dublin 2, steps away from City Hall, a short walk from Christchurch Cathedral, and right next to Temple Bar. With so many coffee shops around Dublin these days, it can be hard to stand out. But Fonté Coffee Roasters have carved out a space that is different to all the rest, with incredible coffee, a great atmosphere and their own secret garden. What makes this coffee shop even more unique is that the only other place you can visit a Fonté Coffee shop is across the Atlantic in Seattle. This is where Fonté Coffee Roasters started and they found their way to Dublin. How glad am I that they did!

Fonte coffee shop interior

The coffee shop

The first thing to strike me about Fonté was the warm and inviting nature of the staff. There’s nothing that makes me like a place more than seeing that the staff clearly enjoy being there. I liked the shop as soon as I walked in, and while it’s not a big space, it’s very open with the door and window opening out onto the street. There are both stool and table seating inside the store, but I was interested in one thing only on my first visit, and that was the secret garden. I asked about it and they directed us out towards the back. In my mind this was going to be a medium to large space with a few tables, about the size of a small back garden. In reality, it’s much, much smaller than that. Despite it’s size, there’s nothing claustrophobic about it. The bright colours of the cushions and the layout of the tables and seating makes it feel cosy, and we were lucky that we had the space to ourselves when we visited.

Fonte coffee secret garden byrnewithme

fonte coffee secret garden byrnewithme

This is such a nice space, while it’s small there’s enough room for a group of friends if you manage to get it to yourselves. That being said it was also really nice to have it to just the two of us, and I would love to hide away out there with a book by myself. We were fortunate that the sun was shining that day, illuminating the space and making it even more pleasant to sit out there!

The menu

We decided on the day we visited that we’d skip breakfast and go all-out for brunch at Fonté. They have a varied menu with breakfast and sandwich options. They also have breakfast and lunch specials including €5 for a 12oz coffee and a pastry during breakfast, and €8 for a 12oz coffee and deli sandwich during lunch. They have a lovely selection of treats on display inside the shop, and the food we ordered for brunch was simply divine.

Fonte coffee treats byrnewithme

We opted for smashed banana on almond buttered sourdough toast (€5.95) and smashed avocado & tomato salsa on sourdough toast (€6.95). Everything about the food from the ingredients to the presentation was simply perfect and they really took banana on toast to a whole other level. Overall I find the prices to be fairly reasonable for this type of coffee shop and for the quality of the food. 

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The coffee

The great thing about Fonté is they roast their own beans, so you know this is a cup of coffee you’re not going to get anywhere else in Dublin or in Ireland. Sent all the way from Seattle, each blend has been carefully considered to bring the best combination of flavours. The first time I visited I got a nutella iced coffee which perfectly complemented my banana sourdough toast, but on my next visit I went for a latte which I thoroughly enjoyed. This is going to be a regular coffee spot for me when I’m in the city centre and probably the next bag of beans I’ll buy to make coffee at home. They also have a huge selection of tea on offer along with their coffee, so they cover all the bases! All of their beans and teas are for sale in the shop so if you love it as much as I do, you can take some home.

Fonte Coffee byrnewithme

Final thoughts on Fonté Coffee

fonte coffee window

Fonté Coffee is a gem of a coffee shop in Dublin City. Their friendly staff, modern and open interior and secret garden gives this café a unique feel and an inviting atmosphere. In my opinion, Fonté is different to any other specialty coffee shop in the city, and it’s absolutely worth a visit to check it out and try their coffee. Not only can you buy their beans or their tea, you can also attend barista workshops, rent a meeting space and put in an order for office catering. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or brunch, there’s plenty on the menu to please everyone. If you’re looking for great coffee in Dublin, get yourself down to Fonté.

By the way, ask for the nutella iced coffee, you won’t regret it.

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  • On July 04, 2017


  1. Katie Madison

    Fonté Coffee has to be the #1 or #2 best tasting coffee in the world!

    1. byrnewithme Post author

      That’s a pretty big statement! What other beans made your top two?

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