Coffee Shops of Dublin: Shoe Lane Coffee

Shoe Lane Coffee can be found on Tara Street, right next to the colourful, newly renovated Tara Building, and down the street from the Irish Times building. You can spot it by the simple sign sticking out from the side of the shop that says the word ‘coffee’. It’s a small coffee shop, but it’s got plenty of personality, good coffee, and friendly staff.

Shoe Lane Coffee Sign

The first time I visited Shoe Lane, it was during a GirlCrew Dublin Coffee Crawl, an event which is exactly as it sounds – a bunch of girls get together and go from coffee shop to coffee shop, slowly letting the caffeine buzz take over (and eventually giving in to the crash). Despite the fact there were at least 15 people descending onto this small coffee shop and taking up the small amounts of seating they had, the barista was happy to see us and did a great job to keep up with us all, despite being on her own.

Shoe Lane Coffee interior

The Shop

Almost everything in this coffee shop is made out of wood, giving it a very down-to-earth feel. The walls are lined with plant pots and vintage posters, and in the window there are displays of sewing machines and wooden shoes, surely a nod to the name Shoe Lane – I’m sure there is a story behind this, but unfortunately, I don’t know it (yet!). There is also a huge map of the world on the wall above the seating, next to an old vintage poster. There’s a nice atmosphere, and whether you’re sitting for a while or just grabbing a coffee to go, it lifts your spirits just to visit. Simply put, it’s a very cool spot.

Shoe Lane Map



Plant pot shoe lane

The coffee

All coffees are made in ‘to-go’ cups, a decision which I can understand due to the fact that most of their orders are likely to be ‘to go’. That being said, when every single coffee is made in a to go cup, it’s going to generate a lot of waste. Personally, I prefer to drink out of a mug when I’m sitting in a coffee shop, but thankfully they were more than happy to make my coffee in my KeepCup instead. The beans they use are roasted by Full Circle, a brand I haven’t seen in many other coffee shops in Dublin, but would definitely like to see more of. They also have a fridge with different food and drink options, including Kombucha, and I hear they do a great pastry. They also provide a range of milks including almond, soya, oats, coconut and hemp, so whatever you like with your latte, they can do it for you!

Shoe Lane Coffee and Notebook

If you find yourself in the Tara Street area and you’re looking to grab a quick coffee, Shoe Lane is definitely the spot for you. Fast, friendly service and good coffee – what more could you want!

Shoe Lane Coffee can be found on Facebook

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Thank you as always to Mike Andrews for the photography for the blog post – view his Facebook page here.

Second photograph in this post taken by me.

Shoe Lane Pinterest

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  • On May 16, 2017


  1. 5ft Life

    Will need to make sure I bookmark this for when I visit! Went to Belfast last year, dying to make it back to Ireland again.

    Hayley xx

    1. byrnewithme Post author

      Thanks Hayley, I hope you make it to Dublin soon! There should be lots of coffee shop reviews for you to decide from by the time you make it here, so keep an eye on the blog!


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