Dublin coffee shops with a reusable cup discount

Buying a reusable coffee cup is just one of many ways we can reduce and reuse, but sometimes we need that extra little push to make sure we use it. A reusable cup discount does the trick. One of the best things about owning my own cup, aside from the number of single-use coffee cups I’ve avoided since buying it, is that I can get discounts on my coffee when I use it. You don’t need to go to a big chain to get money off – there are plenty of great, local specialty coffee shops offering discounts!

I have only included places that have been tried and tested by me personally. which is why I have a picture of my KeepCup outside each of the coffee shops, so you know I actually went there. I took note of the discount by either asking in store, checking their social media, or contacting the store directly. I’m only recommending places I would go to myself because I know they have great coffee and a great atmosphere!

Wondering whether to get a reusable coffee cup? Click here for my full guide on reusable cups and read why it’s time to ditch the disposable!

Specialty coffee shops in Dublin with a reusable cup discount

Two Boys Brew

Reusable Cup Discount KeepCup Byrnewithme Two Boys Brew

Where:  375 North Circular Rd, Phibsborough, D7

Discount: 10c off your coffee

Coffee: Two Boys Brew get their coffee beans from Belfast roaster Root & Branch. It’s got a lovely taste (and comes in lovely packaging) and I haven’t seen it in any other coffee shops, so it’s worth the trip to try it out!

Reusable Cup Discount KeepCup Byrnewithme Science Gallery

Where: Science Gallery, Naughton Institute, Pearse Street, D2

Discount: 20c off your coffee

Coffee: The Science Gallery Café is the home of Cloud Picker coffee whose beans you’ll find more and more often in coffee shops around the city, and they’re popular for a reason. You can even buy an exclusive Cloud Picker branded KeepCup if you really love their beans.

Container Coffee

Reusable Cup Discount KeepCup Byrnewithme Container Coffee

Where: 161 Thomas Street, D8

Discount: 10% off your coffee

Coffee: Container Coffee also use Cloud Picker as their house beans. You can now pick up KeepCups in store so you can buy your new KeepCup and get your discount all at once!

Read more about Container Coffee here!


Reusable Cup Discount KeepCup Byrnewithme CocoBrew

Where: 5 Bedford Row, Temple Bar, D2

Discount: 20c off your coffee

Coffee: Cocobrew use their own coffee beans, and their coffees are made using something called MCT oil and cacao butter. This creates a really interesting flavour, and you won’t find coffee like this anywhere else in Dublin!

Tang! by Yogism

KeepCup Byrnewithme Reusable Cup Discount Tang

Where: 23C Dawson St, Dublin 2

Discount: All drinks made in a reusable cup are €2.50 (certain extras, like almond milk, may cost extra)

Coffee: Beans you’ll find at Tang include Upside Coffee who are based in Dublin, as well as 3fe on filter.

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Coffee shops with other offers

While not everywhere offer a reusable cup discount to customers who bring their own cup, there are some places offering different kinds of incentives for ditching the disposable.

Love Supreme

Reusable Cup Discount KeepCup Byrnewithme Love Supreme

Where: 57 Manor Street, Stoneybatter, D7 and 34 Lennox Street, Portobello, Dublin 8

Incentive: Love Supreme will make a donation to a charity each time a customer uses their own cup. Their current charity is Focus Ireland.

Coffee: The house beans in Love Supreme are from Koppi, made by Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters in Sweden.

Who else should be on this list?

This list is a work in progress, and I’m always looking for more great specialty coffee shops with discounts and other incentives to bring your own cup. Know somewhere that you think should be on this list? Let me know and I’ll check it out!

If you’re looking for places outside of Dublin, Bean in Dingle in Kerry and Coffeewerk + Press in Galway are great spots with their own discounts!

Outside of Dublin? Visit MelanieMay.com for a full list of cafés around Ireland.

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Reusable Discount Dublin Byrnewithme

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Have you got a reusable cup? Where’s your favourite place to use it?

This is an independent blog post. I visited all of these shops myself, paid for my own coffee, and bought my own KeepCup.


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