The Little Museum of Dublin

A lot of the time we don’t appreciate the place we live and the things it has to offer because we live there and we think we already know everything there is to know about it. For me, it’s not until I have people visiting that I really start looking at what there is to do and go to some places either I’ve never heard of or would normally just walk straight past.

One of these places is The Little Museum of Dublin at Stephen’s Green. Plenty of times I have walked past this museum and I was always a little interested and wondered what it was like inside but I never actually stopped to go in. Recently, friends came to visit from Canada and I figured it was as good a time as any to visit The Little Museum, so I suggested we go.

Entrance to the museum (Picture:

The museum itself is located inside an old Georgian house. It has a special Christie Brown exhibition downstairs, and upstairs there’s a general exhibition on the history of Dublin as well as an Irish Times room, an Alfie Byrne room, and a U2 room.

The U2 exhibition at The Little Museum of Dublin (Picture:

On the day that we went, the museum closed at 5, and we arrived at 4:30, which meant we missed the tour. However, they gave us our tickets, allowed us to go upstairs to see as much as we could and very kindly told us we could go back the next day with our tickets to get the tour. (I was working the next day, so my friends went on the tour and I returned a few weeks later with my Dad, because the museum is that good).

What is great about The Little Museum of Dublin is that everything in the museum was donated by Dubliners. The story that it tells is one of Dublin, but it’s from a more personal perspective as each item has it’s own little story that comes with it. From historic documents, to old school desks, to old sudocreme tubs and Jacob’s Cream Crackers packets, the museum has everything. Every space on the wall is filled with posters and pictures and documents and each one is worth looking at on its own if it were possible to do.

Panorama of one of the rooms at The Little Museum of Dublin. (Picture: my flickr)

This is a great and really engaging way for tourists to learn about the history of Dublin and there’s no way you could get bored listening to the brilliant, energetic guides. If you’re from Dublin you might not think you need to go to a museum like this because you already know about Dublin but I would definitely say that you’re wrong. There is so much to offer in this museum and there’s no doubt it holds a lot of nostalgia for so many Dubliners and there’s plenty of things you may only understand if you’re actually from Dublin which gives it an extra amount of charm. As well as that, you might learn something you never knew before about your city.

And you may also see a few familiar faces:

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  • On July 16, 2015

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