Non-stop (2015)

This blog post was originally published in 2015. It was accidentally deleted and restored in January 2018.

I hate to be the “it’s been so long since I’ve posted so instead of talking about specific topics I’m going to give a general update” person, but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to be that person. I think a common theme in study abroad blogs is people being too busy to post anything for a month or more, but for us at least, it’s a good thing because it means we’re actually doing things. 

Anyway, I had originally planned to post something about what it was like to go home for christmas, but a) it’s already February and b) I didn’t actually do much while I was home. I was very lucky to be able to go home though and Dublin is a really lovely place to be at Christmas time.

Since I got back to Montréal, I have been non-stop busy. Despite in some ways being a very difficult month for me, January has been my busiest month here yet. I visited Toronto, went skiing, and took a trip to Ottawa in one month as well as starting back at my classes and having to temporarily relocate for a week because of a sprinkler incident in my hallway (we won’t even get into that).


I’ll go in order and start with Toronto. It was almost a last minute decision to join friends in Toronto for a weekend but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made since I got here. We did basically the things I didn’t have a chance to do the first time I went: Casa Loma, the CN Tower, Niagra Falls and the Royal Ontario Museum. We stayed in a really nice hostel downtown with an amazing view and there was a Nandos (NANDOS!!) a 10 minute walk away (those of you from the UK and Ireland will understand how important it is that we found a Nandos and it was so close).

View of Toronto from the hostel rooftop terrace
View from the CN Tower
Niagra Falls 

Ski trip

The following weekend I went on a ski trip with my residence on Mont-Sainte-Anne. It was my first time skiing and I really enjoyed it but I only went up the mountain on an actual slope once (the easiest one, still terrifying). I’m so glad I went on the trip because even though it wasn’t something I had always wanted to try, I definitely thought that since I was in Canada it was something I should go and do and doing it with my friends made it all the better


The next weekend I was off again, this time to Ottawa. All I can say about that weekend was that it was so, so cold. It’s the coldest I have been since coming to Canada. Despite that, I still had a good weekend staying with a friend and visiting parliament, museums and the Winterlude festival.
Parliament feat. my glove in the corner sorry it was just too cold


Ice sculptures at Winterlude
While it was great to get so much done in the first month of 2015 alone, it is good to now have some down time in Montréal for the next few weeks in February before I head off on my next big trip (Chicagoooo!). That’s not to say I’m not doing anything – I finally went to my first hockey game this weekend when Concordia played McGill at the Loyola Campus which was a lot of fun
For now, apart from my trip to Chicago in two weeks, the plan is to keep doing everything I can in Montréal, because I know I haven’t experienced nearly half of what this city has to offer and the time to go home is going to come around so quickly and I can’t go home wishing I had done something when I had 9 months to do it!




  • On February 10, 2015

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