Pumpkin picking at Alright Pumpkin, Co. Meath!

I really love Halloween time. Everything is orange and black, there are silly decorations everywhere, and of course, it’s the time of year when you get to buy a pumpkin, rip out its insides, make a face and stick a candle in it.

Pumpkin carving is something I only really started doing a few years ago when I was in Montréal, and I’ve done it every year since then. Usually, I buy whatever pumpkin is left in the shop close to Halloween, but this year I learned about a pumpkin patch in Co. Meath where you can pick your own. I had no idea there was a pumpkin patch in Ireland, so once I knew it was out there, I had to go and see it.

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

Tip: Alright Pumpkin is about a 20 minute drive from Navan, and about an hour from Dublin. No matter where you’re coming from you will need a car to get there. 

Things to do at the pumpkin patch

Alright Pumpkin has more than just the pumpkin patch. The pumpkins draw us in, but it’s the smaller details and activities that keep us there for longer. Take a walk through the maze, climb through all of their obstacles, pick your pumpkin, buy some freshly picked corn on the cob (2 for €1!), dig up some potatoes to take home (€3 for a 2.5kg bag), watch a carving demonstration to find out the best way to carve and keep your pumpkin fresh, find out about recipes to make with the leftover insides, and even stop off for a tea or a coffee while you warm up before you head on your way. Now that’s a lot of stuff!

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

In all, we probably spent the best part of an hour because we took time for each activity. I wouldn’t expect many people to stay much longer than that, and depending on what you’re interested in, you could come and go in 10 minutes if that’s what you prefer! That being said, it’s definitely worth it to stay and enjoy everything they have on offer.

The magical maze

You have two options for getting to the patch. Walk in a straight line and reach it in under 60 seconds, or take a trip through the magical maze and see if you make it to the other side. We went for the maze.

This is really so much fun, it’s not actually difficult so you don’t need to worry about kids (or yourself) getting lost. The maze will guide you through to the different obstacles that will be in your way, bring you past a spooky door (it’s up to you to decide if you’re brave enough to see what’s on the other side), and other really fun and interactive hurdles. 

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

Not what I expected to be getting up to!

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The patch

Once you’ve bravely and heroicly made it through the maze, you’ll get to the pumpkin patch. It’s an amazing sight to see the orange, green and white (yes! even white!) pumpkins dotted all over the field and it’s difficult to decide what one you want to take home.

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

There are wheelbarrows on hand as well as people who work at the patch to help you shift your pumpkins from the field to your car. When you’ve chosen the one you want, you bring it back to where you entered and take it to the table with 3 different sized holes carved into it. If your pumpkin fits in the small hole, it’s €5, the medium is €10, and the large is €15. Any bigger and you’ll have to talk to them there to find out your price!

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

It’s a proud moment when you make your selection!

Tip: it gets very muddy and very slippy, wellies are 100% recommended if you’re visiting.

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

There are all sorts of shapes and sizes and it’s really so much fun deciding on your pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving demonstration

If you arrive at the right time, then you could get the chance to watch a carving demonstration. This is a great opportunity to learn about the history of pumpkin carving (which of course makes it’s way back to Ireland – it all started with turnips), find out the best way to preserve your pumpkin when it’s carved, and also see the carving in action.

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

He makes it all look very easy, we definitely picked up some tips to try when we carve our own pumpkin.

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme


Final thoughts on the pumpkin patch

Going to pick our own pumpkin was a brilliant decision, and we loved every minute of it. Alright Pumpkin have created a really fun experience here, and a lot of thought has gone into every detail of the patch. We came away with a pumpkin, two cobs of corn, and a bag of potatoes, so we felt we did quite well for ourselves!

Alright Pumpkin Byrnewithme

I really would recommend this to anyone, especially if you have kids. My only word of warning is it will be very slippy and muddy, so just be prepared for that.

Alright Pumpkin: Website & Opening Hours

You can find Alright Pumpkin on Facebook and at www.alrightpumpkin.com

Opening Hours 2017: Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in October from 11am4pm and from the 28th – 31st – so long as they don’t run out of pumpkins!

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All reviews on Byrnewithme are completely independent. We found out about the patch online and our pumpkin, corn and potatoes were all paid for by us.



  • On October 15, 2017

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