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    Bean in Dingle: The brightest coffee shop on the Dingle Peninsula

    Bean in Dingle Coffee Shop Review

    Looking up coffee shops to visit on our recent road trip to Dingle, I wasn’t expecting to find much that would grab me. I had hoped to find a nice little café where we could go to rest the legs, but if I’m being completely honest, a specialty coffee shop right in Dingle Town was not what I was expecting to find. Not only that, I was definitely not expecting to find what I think may be my favourite coffee shop that I’ve visited in Ireland to date. There is something about this coffee shop – it is simply alive with an atmosphere that makes you want to stay there all day. More than once I have considered driving all the way back to Kerry just to visit this shop again! If you’re wondering where to get coffee in Dingle, you simply can’t miss Bean in Dingle. Read more