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    Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice’s High Water Bookshop

    Libreria Acqua Alta Venice's High Water Bookshop

    As soon as I found out about Libreria Acqua Alta before our trip to Venice, I knew that I had to go and see it. It had all the elements to make it my kinda place – first of all, it’s a bookstore, and I’m always happy to visit a bookstore. But it also sounded like the strangest and most wonderful bookstore I’d ever heard of. Libreria Acqua Alta means “High Water Bookshop”. In Italy’s floating city, this can only mean one thing – when a combination of high tide and a wind from the Adriatic forces extra water into the lagoon, this bookshop gets flooded along with many streets. What is one supposed to do with books to protect from water damage and a business to keep open regardless of the weather? Apparently, find a few gondolas and bathtub or two that no one is using anymore, and you’ve got yourself a solution. Read more